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Invengo Hard Tags

Invengo Hard Tags

Invengo's diversified and specialized Hard Tag RFID product portfolio offers global customers a broad range of options to address the increasing rugged RFID tag demand from various industries.

Innovative broadband RFID antenna design from rfid service providers enables end-users to reach and sustain consistently high levels of performance in all UHF frequency regions. Invengo's RAIN RFID rugged tags are available in multiple sizes and formats.

Invengo offers four categories of RAIN RFID rugged tags: ceramic on metal tags, on metal flex tags, on metal tags, and on/off metal tags.

Different types of rfid tags come with their own product specifications and benefits. Besides an excellent read range, all Invengo RAIN RFID rugged tags have an excellent ingress protection rating as well.

All Invengo types of rfid stickers have a high performance for a wide range of industrial rfid tag application and metal asset management applications, such as asset tracking, specialty tracking, and IT asset tracking.


Searching for The Right Hard Tags

Ceramic On Metal 2509 Ceramic RFID Tag

25 x 9 x 3 mm XCTF-2509-EU (Alien Higgs 3) XCTF-2509-FCC (Alien Higgs 3)
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Ceramic On Metal 2525 RFID Ceramic Tag

25 x 25 x 3 mm XCTF-2525-EU (Alien Higgs 3) XCTF-2525-FCC (Alien Higgs 3)
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On/Off Metal 852011 Metal RFID Tag

85 x 20 x 11 mm XCTF-852011-EU (Monza 4QT) XCTF-852011-FCC (Monza 4QT)
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On Metal Flex 7325 UHF Metal Tag

73 x 25 x 1,8 mm XCTF-7325-EU (Monza 4QT) XCTF-7325-FCC (Monza 4QT)
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On Metal Flex 10325 Anti Metal Tag

103 x 25 x 1,8 mm XCTF-10325-EU (Monza 4QT) XCTF-10325-FCC (Monza 4QT)
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On Metal 7020 Anti Metal RFID Tag

70 x 20 x 3,4 mm XCTF-7020-EU (Monza 4QT) XCTF-7020-FCC (Monza 4QT)
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On Metal 9525 RFID Hard Tag

95 x 25 x 3,4 mm XCTF-9525-EU (Monza 4QT) XCTF-9525-FCC (Monza 4QT)
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Invengo RFID

Why use RFID hard tags?

Why Choose
Special purpose

Hard tags are commonly used in a harsh environment or speical requiremnt.

Good protection

These washable rfid tags generally have a rugged design and are durable and are not easy to be broken.

Different types of hard tags offer resistance to water, chemicals, fire, mechanical stress, etc.


Special hard tags can resist metal, water, chemicals, fire, mechanical stress, etc.

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