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Invengo RAIN RFID UHF Tags & UHF Inlays

Invengo RAIN RFID UHF Tags & UHF Inlays

As one of the most professional rfid inlay manufacturers, Invengo's diversified and balanced RAIN RFID (UHF) inlay tag product portfolio offers global customers a broad range of options to address the increasing inlay RFID tag demand from various industries.

Innovative broadband RFID antenna design enables end-users to reach and sustain consistently high levels of performance in all UHF frequency regions around the world with the standard-compliant rfid uhf tag, regardless of the local frequency regulations.

This delivers mission-critical advantages for companies which see their supply chain as a fundamental factor for competitive advantage in the global market, especially those with manufacturing.

Using the same RAIN RFID tag to track and identify products accurately and cost-efficiently throughout the supply chain allows companies to reduce operation costs and increase efficiency and agility in their supply chains.

Invengo rfid tag manufacturers operations are certified to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System standards.


Searching for The Right RAIN RFID UHF Tags & UHF Inlays

Invengo Lombard

The Invengo Lombard (XC-TF8079-A-C113) tags and inlays are well-suited for smart healthcare management, logistics,warehouse management, and retail applications.

Invengo xWing™

The Invengo xWing™(XC-TF8029) tags and inlays can be generally used in the area of apparel, brand protection, industrial and supply chain management solutions.

Invengo Bullet

The Invengo Bullet(XC-TF8013) tags and inlays are designed to enable end-users to reach and sustain high levels of performance within the area of retail, smart packaging and supply chain management solutions.

Invengo Qin

Invengo Qin(XC-TF8055) tags and inlays can be commonly applied in the industries of retail, smart packaging, supply chain, etc.

Invengo GEM

The Invengo GEM(XC-TF8108) tags are designed to enable high-performance item-level tagging in retail environments and are specially designed for jewelry and eye glass tagging.

Invengo Button

The Invengo Button(XCTF-8009) tags are designed to tag items unable to tag with traditional tags and inlays in near field communication for high levels of performance in all global RAIN RFID (UHF) frequency regions.

Invengo Scorpion

The Invengo Scorpion(XCTF-8039) tags are designed for cosmetic and medical applications. The small size allows it to be easily integrated in cosmetic and medicine packaging or small-sized hang-tags.

Invengo Shamrock

The Invengo Shamrock(XCTF-8038) tags are recognized as a cost-efficient high-performance inlay that can be easily integrated into multi-sized packaging labels.

Invengo Tome

The Invengo Tome(XCTF-8102B) inlays come with dual adhesive allowing it to be invisibly integrated within books and magazines, making it an ideal solution for item-level tagging in library and retail environments.

Invengo RFID

What are the Key Benefits of RAIN RFID Tags

Why Choose
Data Encryption

RAIN RFID frequency tags can save large messages and data in tag are encrypted.

Reading Penetrability

RFID tag UHF can be read when covered or blocked by objects.

Long Distance

RAIN RFID tags can be read from a long distance.

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