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FAQs about Invengo RFID

FAQs about Invengo RFID

Read distance is too short.
  • Check the reader frequency is correct or not.

  • Check whether the label matches the polarization direction of the antenna.

  • Check whether the label surface is covered with other materials.

  • Check the RF cable is connecting with the reader and antenna.

  • Check the attributes of the label.

  • Label performance reduction.

  • Check the distance threshold.

Distraction between readers.
  • The center distance between the antennas of two adjacent readers is greater than 3 meters.

  • The working frequency of two adjacent readers should be set to 920MHz-925MHz, and the frequency interval is recommended to be 1MHz.

The serial port can’t be connected.
  • Check the serial cable and network cable is properly connected.

  • Check antenna SMA connector is tightened.

  • Check whether the antenna number is set correctly.

  • Check whether the label is apply to ISO18000-6B/C.

  • Check whether the label is broken.

The network port is disconnected

The default IP address of the reader is The PC IP address and reader IP address should be in the same network segment.If you forget the IP address of the reader, please find a PC with an RS-232 serial interface to reset the IP address of the reader.

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