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Invengo Excellent Performance on the 15th IOTE

Invengo Excellent Performance on the 15th IOTE

On April 21st-23rd, 2021, the 15th International Internet of Things Exhibition(IOTE) was held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. Invengo carried solutions and products of the smart library, smart retail, asset management and universal RFID products.

Invengo Smart Library Solution is based on RFID technology and combined with technologies of the Internet, AI and big data. We can provide customized design and solutions for a library based on the existing circumstance in terms of the readers, collections, management mode, devices, software system and etc. Invengo has plenty of successful applications and examples in the smart library field(public library and university/college library).

Invengo Smart Retail Solution is an item-level retail solution that can realize the supervision of the supply chain and store management. We help retailers to build the digital supply chains and upgrade the digital management in a store. The retail solution has been successfully implemented in globally famous retail enterprises.

Invengo Asset Management Solution helps businesses to locate and track corporate assets based on RFID technology and devices. The advantages are the visualization of the corporate assets and updating of asset information. It makes managers can monitor the usage and availability in real-time.

Besides, Invengo brought RFID universal products such as fixed readers, UHF reader modules, antennas and tags on the scene.

At present, the technological innovation of the Internet of Things is changing. As an important innovator in the age of the intelligent and digital construction of the Internet of Things, Invengo will keep working in the field of Internet of Things and RFID and providing benefits for the business and society.

PRESS RELEASE: Invengo excellent performance on the 15th IOTE

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