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Invengo presents a variety of explosive products at the 2023 EuroShop German retail industry expo

EuroShop, the world’s largest and most important trade fair for retail investment requirements, was recently held in Düsseldorf, Germany, from February 26th to March 2nd, 2023. Invengo, as a global leading RFID company and IoT solution provider for apparel retail, together with its overseas subsidiary ATID, were present at EuroShop to showcase innovations, develop new ideas and establish extensive cooperation opportunities.

At EuroShop, Invengo brought and exhibited a variety of new-generation products such as UHF readers, tags, security gates, and antennas, as well as handheld readers from ATID, which demonstrated its advanced technology in the RFID industry. Invengo also showed RFID application cases in smart stores, manufacturing, logistics, and warehouses to visitors. The unreserved and open communication with the guests had brought everyone a new, intelligent, and satisfying experience.

For the retail industry, Invengo provides one-stop services including RFID tags, RFID devices, platforms, application software systems and other professional hardware and software services. According to statistics, Invengo's smart RFID retail solution applied in warehouse management can improve the efficiency of receiving, shipping and inventory by more than 300%. In store management, bulk reading of unopened packages enables retailers to obtain transparent storage information and achieve weekly inventory, which helps increase store sales by 5% to 20%.

At the EuroShop exhibition, Invengo discussed topics related to RFID technology with experts and customers. Invengo will continue to explore the potential of the retail industry and the European market, further strengthening the establishment of international business teams. With advanced RFID technology, outstanding products, and innovative industry application solutions, Invengo is looking forward to more cooperation opportunities.



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