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Invengo Review on The 80th Educational Equipment Exhibition

Invengo Review on The 80th Educational Equipment Exhibition

The 80th China Educational Equipment Exhibition was held from 23rd to 25th October 2021 in Chengdu. This exhibition made a cutting-edge exploration and practice of new education equipment revolution.

This exhibition is the biggest platform for achievements displayed and cooperation and communication in the industry of K12. Invengo shows the power of innovation to library products and customer services in terms of the intelligent library field. Multiple library informatization application scenarios based on RFID technologies were displayed and attracted lots of audiences.

Smart Bookshelf experience area

Invengo Smart Bookshelf has a high-performance real-time book management system. It has multiple functions of book monitoring, collections inventory, book query and book positioning. Statistics of lending and loaning and error logs will be recorded in order to be inspected.

Invisible Smart Security Access experience area

Invengo Invisible Smart Security Access breaks out of the traditional form of security gates or doors. The invisible access integrates with the architectural environment. The equipment adopts a two-way radar sensor, which provides a wide sensing range, and an alarm sound system. Equipped with a 27-inch large-screen displayer, the invisible access will display the book names on the screen when the alarm is triggered, and record the number of people in and out of the library.

24-hour self-service experience area

Invengo Book Pavilion integrates multiple functions in one. Such as registration and card applying, book borrowing and returning, book renewing, pre-borrowing, payment and etc. The equipment covers a small floor space and is flexible deployment, thus reaching more audiences through multi-dimensional penetration of urban blocks. It is unattended to reader 24 hours a day, and easily reach people to the last mile of reading services.

Self-service borrowing and returning experience area

Invengo Self-loan Station is an RFID book self-service borrowing and returning device. Through the two-way radar sensors communication between tags and readers, it can provide self-services of book borrowing, return, renewal and query.

Library big data system

The library big data system organizes and collects all book data, reader data, business data, etc., and conducts big data analysis for the book business, reader needs, library circulation, library collections, etc.

In the future, Invengo will keep working in the library industry, and continue to promote the R&D and innovation of intelligent products to the library market. We will devote ourselves to creating innovations in educational equipment and promoting the development of intelligent education.

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