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What Are the Applications of UHF Electronic Tags in Daily Life?

UHF (Ultra High Frequency) electronic tags, also known as ultra high frequency electronic tags, have two types of UHF RFID readers, one is ISO 18000-6B standard, and the other is a product that conforms to the new generation EPC-Gen2 standard. In our daily life, clothing, food, shelter, and transportation are always accompanied by the presence of UHF electronic tags. Using UHF electronic tags can make our lives more intelligent. So, how are UHF electronic tags applied in clothing, food, shelter, and transportation?

UHF electronic tags applied to clothing

Clothing management

Using UHF electronic tags can intelligently manage the flow of goods in and out of clothing warehouses, transfers, moves and inventory processes, and provide support for the rapid development trend of business processes.

Washing management

For clothes that need to be centrally washed, choose heat-resistant and abrasion-resistant UHF tags, sew or cold-iron them on the clothes to prevent management confusion and improve work efficiency.

UHF tags applied to food

Poultry management

Use foot-ring style UHF electronic tags to achieve full-life management of poultry.

Traceability management of live pigs

First, register the information of piglets, and timely submit and record feeding feed information, disease prevention and control information, and vaccine information used in pig inspections. At slaughter, provide information on slaughterhouses and associate farming, quarantine, slaughter information with pig meat labels.

UHF electronic tags applied to housing and transportation

UHF tags applied to housing are generally rarely used in households. Here, housing refers to fixed asset management of workplaces, such as companies, schools, and administrative units.

UHF electronic tags applied to transportation:

Luggage management

UHF electronic tags can be used for luggage management. At the check-in counter, luggage is labeled with a barcode. After passing through security checks, the luggage is sent to the entrance of the luggage handling system. In the system, a UHF RFID reader with four antennas is used to prevent missed reading. After the reading device obtains the tag information, it tracks and classifies it until the luggage reaches the passenger's hand.

High-speed toll management

When vehicles pass through high-speed toll stations, the RFID wireless antenna on the ETC lane can intelligently identify the UHF tags on the windshield. By connecting network technology with financial institutions, backend management and settlement can be achieved, realizing intelligent toll collection.



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