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What are the RFID tags in different scenarios?

Ⅰ. Introduction of RFID tags

With the rapid development of the economy, the application of RFID technology has spread all over the daily life, and has also been integrated into the development of other industries, which has better promoted the development of various fields. As an information recorder, RFID tags have widely appeared in people's daily life, it is applied in all aspects of life. According to the use of different application scenarios, the selection of RFID tags is also different, so what are the RFID tags in different applications?

Ⅱ. RFID tags in different scenarios

1. Book labels. RFID tags are mainly used in library management and book distribution.

2. Animal management labels. RFID tags are mainly used in livestock management, animal ear tags, small size, light weight, simple implantation, favorable for livestock management, meat anti-counterfeiting traceability and other advantages.

3. Logistics label. RFID tags are mainly used in logistics transportation management and logistics warehousing management, which facilitates the tracking of logistics express delivery and the effective classification and identification of warehousing, and improves work efficiency.

4. Anti-metal labels. RFID tags are mainly used in asset management and enterprise equipment management, which is conducive to asset maintenance and equipment inventory, quickly and real-time grasp of asset status, and improved management efficiency.

5, clothing labels. RFID tags are mainly used in the management of clothing quantity, size, color, etc., clothing label management in stores, and efficient classification and statistics, so as to provide customers with related products.

6. Laundry labels. According to the laundry tag information, the RFID tag can choose whether to wash the product, and effectively carry out different types of washing methods for the clothes.

7. Medical labels. RFID tags classify and use medical equipment and medical waste to better protect the health and safety of doctors.

8. Supermarket retail labels. RFID tags have an irreplaceable role in the effective classification and management of supermarket products, and in "checking for leaks and filling vacancies".

9. Electronic tags of the opposite sex. RFID tags are different from normal tags in size and packaging, and are used in some special scenarios.

There are other security and anti-theft labels, tire labels and other labels for different application scenarios, which can be seen everywhere in life. With the increasing maturity of RFID technology, RFID tags are widely used in various fields, and the selection of RFID tags also requires different RFID tags to be selected according to different scenarios.



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