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Invengo Announces Agreement With Round Rock Research

Invengo Announces Agreement With Round Rock Research

RALEIGH, NC – (December 10, 2013) – Invengo Technology Corp., a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of RFID inlays, tags and hardware, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Round Rock Research LLC to resolve the dispute over their RFID patent claims. Invengo continues to remain committed to the RFID market.

This license agreement allows Invengo to help strengthen its commitment to its RFID supply chain partners, resellers and distributors.  Given similar deals with other high-profile players in the RFID space, Invengo management decided to move forward with the license agreement at this time to help provide a sustainable long-term environment for the mass adoption of RFID technology inside the US market.

The agreement further reinforces Invengo's commitment

The agreement further reinforces Invengo's commitment to driving the mass adoption of RFID technology across all business sectors. It will enable the company to build out its network of partners, while at the same time, enhancing its ability to deliver Invengo Technology branded products to a host of end-users, retailers, brand owners and other customers throughout the RFID supply chain network.

''Invengo is excited to be able to deliver RFID licensed products to our customers,'' says Joe T. Gomillion II, Invengo's executive VP for the Americas and Europe. ''Protecting our customers' interest is paramount to Invengo Technology's future success. The Round Rock RFID license agreement is a critical step in stimulating new RFID opportunities, and as a global supplier of RFID technology, Invengo is ready to deliver.''

About Invengo Technology Group

Invengo Technology Corp. is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality, innovative UHF and HF/NFC RFID inlays and tags, accompanied by an extensive RFID product offering of readers and antennas, hard tags, and smart cards. Invengo products are used in applications such as Apparel, Books, Library, Asset Tracking, Case and Pallet Tracking, Transport, and Health Care.  Invengo employs over 400 people worldwide, with design and manufacturing locations in both the United States and Chinese markets. Invengo remains committed to Quality, Partnerships, and the RFID market.



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