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Invengo Excellent Performance on The 16th International IOTE Exhibition

Invengo Excellent Performance on The 16th International IOTE Exhibition

23rd-25th October 2021, the 16th international IOTE Exhibition was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Shenzhen, China).

As the global leading RFID and IoT solution provider, Invengo exhibited library solutions, apparel retail solutions, and asset management solutions and displayed the latest RFID products at the exhibition. The solutions and new products at the scene attracted the attention of industry experts, scholars and professional audiences.

Invengo RFID intelligent library management solution can provide solutions for the public library, university library, primary and middle school library, study rooms and etc. We will dedicate better technologies and innovations to China's cultural industry development. Self-loan station, reservation bookcase and other devices were displayed on the booth.

Invengo, which developed the item-level retail supply chain and store management IoT application solutions, focuses on digital supply chains and smart stores in the apparel retail industry. We have built deep cooperation with famous apparel brands globally. At the scene, RFID handheld and reading pads were mainly displayed.

Invengo Asset Tracking Management System uses RFID technology to locate and track corporate assets. The goal is to achieve full visibility of corporate assets and real-time information updating so that it can monitor usage and circulation of resources in real-time. The medical reading and writing cabinet displayed on site is used to manage medical assets and consumables.

Invengo focuses on R&D of RFID technology, products and solutions. The independently developed products include more than 100 kinds of chips, electronic tags, modules, antennas, and handheld devices. Parts of popular fixed readers, read-write modules, antennas and tags were displayed on the booth.

5G+ IoT technology is changing people’s lifestyles in all directions, and the Internet of Everything is being integrated into our lives. In the future, Invengo will dedicate itself to technology and innovation, and enjoy the value and happiness through those efforts!

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