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What Are the Advantages of Using UHF Electronic Tags?

What is UHF tag?

UHF electronic tag is a type of RFID electronic tag, which includes active electronic tags(also known as active tags), semi-active electronic tags, and passive electronic tags. UHF tags belong to passive electronic tags. When the tags are outside the reading range of the reader, they are in a passive state. When they are within the reading range of the reader, they extract the energy they need for their work from the radio frequency energy emitted by the reader. Passive electronic tags generally use reflection modulation to transmit tag information to the reader. UHF electronic tags have the characteristics of long recognition distance, high recognition rate, strong anti-collision ability, and good scalability. They can read 100 cards per second and have a reading distance of 3-10 meters.

What are the advantages of UHF tags?

What are the advantages of UHF electronic tags? Many people now use UHF electronic tags to achieve management in various scenarios. The advantages of UHF electronic tags are as follows:

Small size and diverse shapes

UHF electronic tags are not limited by shape or size, so they do not need to be fixed to paper and print quality to achieve precise reading. In addition, UHF electronic tags are also developing towards smaller and more diverse shapes to be used for more different products.

Fast scanning

UHF tags can identify accurately and flexibly with a long recognition distance. They can simultaneously read and identify multiple UHF electronic tags. When there is no object covering the tag, it can perform penetrative communication and barrier-free reading.

Large memory capacity

UHF electronic tags have a maximum capacity of several megabytes. The amount of data and information required for the object to carry will continue to increase in the future. The development of memory carrier data capacity is continually expanding according to the corresponding market demand, which is currently showing an upward trend. The prospect is promising.

Pollution resistance and durability

UHF electronic tags have strong resistance to substances such as water, oil, and chemicals. Additionally, UHF electronic tags store data in chips, which effectively avoids damage and data loss.


UHF electronic tags have the function of repeatingly adding, modifying, deleting the stored data in the tag, which is convenient for the replacement and updating of information.


UHF tags carry electronic information, and their data content is protected by a password and has high security. The content is not easy to be forged, altered, stolen, etc.



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