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Invengo took center stage at RFID Journal LIVE 2023 with Unforgettable Exhibition

The RFID Journal LIVE 2023, held on May 9–11 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, was a resounding success, with participants from all over the world coming together to discuss and share insights on RFID technology. Invengo made a highly anticipated appearance at the exhibition alongside its overseas subsidiary brand, ATID. Together, they showcased their complete line of international key products and spearheaded the discussion on innovative IoT technology solutions.


As a leading provider of RFID solutions with over two decades of experience, Invengo has built a strong reputation in the industry. Its presence at the event was highly anticipated, and it did not disappoint. Attendees who stopped by the Invengo booth experienced a truly unforgettable exhibition, as the showcase was nothing short of spectacular.


Those who visited the Invengo booth were treated to a stunning display of cutting-edge technology solutions that demonstrated the company's commitment to innovation and excellence. The products on display included the latest designs in fixed readers, handheld devices, tags, and modules, which were designed to meet the needs of both end-users and specialized firms.


Invengo's innovative solutions attracted a wide range of attendees, including terminal users, procurement managers, and industry experts, who were keen to experience the advantages of RFID technology firsthand. The team of experts at the booth was always on hand to provide insightful discussions and share insights on how RFID technology, like antenna uhf RFID, is transforming various industries.


Invengo's participation in the RFID Journal LIVE 2023 event was a huge success, and the company continued to cement its position as a leading provider of RFID solutions. Its impressive showcase and dedicated team of experts made an indelible impression on attendees, and its commitment to innovation and excellence was clearly evident. Overall, Invengo's exhibition was the highlight of the event, and it is sure to remain in the memory of attendees for a long time to come.



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