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Improving Work Efficiency with RFID Labels in Parking Lots

RFID labels applied in parking lots

RFID intelligent parking lot management technology has the characteristics of long identification distance, high accuracy, fast identification speed, strong anti-interference ability, long service life, and the ability to penetrate non-metallic materials, and is widely used in various fields. IoT technology-based intelligent parking lot vehicle management system has been widely adopted, and by installing RFID labels on vehicles, various information such as vehicle model, license plate number, and axis-related data can be stored to achieve automatic vehicle identification and information management, improve vehicle passing efficiency and safety, and collect data on vehicle entry and exit, facilitating management personnel to make scheduling decisions to reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

Intelligent management scheme for RFID labels parking lot

The traditional parking lot management system focuses mainly on billing and fee management functions, paying little attention to the safety, operational efficiency, and customer-oriented humanized requirements of the parking lot. For example, remote RFID cards can be issued to incoming temporary vehicles to achieve automatic vehicle identification entry and exit, intelligent parking lot, and intelligent vehicle anti-theft.

The intelligent parking lot system adopts RFID radio frequency identification technology and computer control, with a high degree of automation and accurate control. It uses long-distance RFID label technology with excellent anti-counterfeiting performance. The parked vehicles have a tag card with a sequence number that cannot be changed, encrypted technology, and recognition that cannot be duplicated, and it can only be issued and approved by the system. When using the non-contact intelligent tag card, there is no mechanical contact action, and the remote sensing communication has no directionality. The card can complete the card reading operation within the reading range of the reader without the vehicle stopping, making it convenient for users to use.

RFID radio frequency identification system has advantages that other identification systems cannot match, and the performance of data carriers in RFID identification systems in terms of pollution prevention and wear resistance is excellent. It is beneficial to improve the reuse rate of the carrier, increase its service life, and reduce operating costs. Therefore, the intelligent parking lot management system adopts RFID identification system.

On highways, we often see ETC toll collection, which uses RFID labels technology, installs electronic tags (vehicle smart cards) with bank cards on vehicles, reads and writes them through an antenna with the reader at the toll station, and uses Internet technology to settle the amount with the bank to achieve the goal of collecting fees without stopping.

Electronic tags based on RFID technology provide convenience for vehicle management, realizing efficient management, improving work efficiency, saving manpower and material resources, reducing operating costs, and increasing the security of the system, thus improving vehicle management efficiency.



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