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Invengo's New 24/7 Self Service Library Awards Finalist RFID Journal Live! 2015

Invengo’s new 24/7 Self Service Library Awards Finalist RFID Journal Live! 2015

Best in Show Category

SINGAPORE, 9 April 2015 – The organizers of RFID Journal Live! 2015 to be held in San Diego next week have announced that Invengo's new BM606 Dual Console 24/7 Self Service Community Library is a finalist in the Best in Show category.

Invengo, the number one Library RFID Solutions provider in China and ASIA has amazed the industry with this release. It is a seriously capable piece of RFID-driven machinery that is supporting the evolution of the modern-day library, expanding the reach and patron convenience, not to mention creating an avenue for enhanced communication and services through the library hub.

About the BM606 Dual Console 24/7 Self Service Community Library

The BM606 has a modern and unique appearance, compact and well designed. It incorporates a simple user interface and an operating system that is easy to maintain. Working frequency is 920 MHz – 925 MHz, compatible with ISO 18000-63 standard and EPC C1G2 protocol or ISO15693 HF 13.56MHz. The BM606 comes with various options such as a barcode scanner, UHF readers and contactless IC card reader, and includes a high-performance industrial PC and touch screen.

The BM606 Self-Service library has a built-in self-service book borrowing and returning system developed by Invengo. Users can perform self-services such as book borrowing, book returning, automatic loading and unloading, batch loading and unloading, renewal and loan inquiries. Operators can also perform system software configuration and secondary development in combination with the backend management software based on their requirements such as automatic overdue fee deduction and management of lost membership cards.

Recently released, Invengo has announced plans to make the attractive dual-console unit available globally alongside its single console companion unit, the BM603, already installed throughout China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and soon Australia. The 24/7 units and supported through the Invengo regional Library Engineering Business Units. Scott Austin, COO and leading Invengo's International library segment growth, commented that Invengo will be establishing localized assembly in key countries to support the deployment of the BM606. ''It's a big, impressive unit and as such, we need to ship it in sections and assemble it on site. We are currently getting things in place so the BM606 can join its single unit configurations in the field''.


Invengo – a global RFID technology provider – is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality, innovative UHF and NFC RFID inlays, tags and solutions accompanied by an extensive RFID product offering used in applications such as Apparel, Books, Library, Asset Tracking, Case and Pallet Tracking, Transport, and Health Care.

Invengo Technology, located in Singapore (with local subsidiaries in the US and Europe), is the International Headquarters of Invengo Information Technology Ltd which is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China (SZSE: 002161.SZ) and holds a market cap of over $800 Million. Invengo employs over 450 people worldwide, with design and manufacturing plants located in both the United States and China.



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