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RFID tags for intelligent management of warehouse shipments and containers

RFID technology theory has been further enriched and developed, people develop single-chip electronic tags, multiple electronic tags readable, wireless readable and writable, adaptable to high-speed moving objects RFID technology continues to develop, and related products have come into our lives, and began to be widely used.

1.the introduction of RFID tags

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification. RFID tags its principle for the reader and the tag between the non-contact data communication, to achieve the purpose of identifying the target. RFID's application is very wide, typical applications are animal chips, car chip immobilizer, access control, parking control, production line automation and material management. Radio frequency identification technology through radio waves without contact rapid information exchange and storage technology, through wireless communication combined with data access technology, and then connected to the database system, can achieve non-contact two-way communication, so as to achieve the purpose of identification, for data exchange, tandem up an extremely complex system.

2. RFID tags warehouse management application program 

The rapid development of information technology, application diversification. As early as the beginning of the 21st century, in the United States, Japan, the European Union and other developed countries in the warehouse management, bar code technology has been widely used. With the continuous development of technology RFID technology has long replaced the traditional two-dimensional code era. RFID tags in the anti-metal tags and self-adhesive labels warehouse management applications more, the performance of the RFID chip contained in its stable reading effect far in the harsh environment can continue to work.

RFID tags for warehouse logistics management has been very popular, many have adopted RFID tag applications. From warehousing, container management to retail shops throughout the process of presenting the Internet of Things-style data synchronization, warehousing centres, ordering, warehousing, storage, sending pieces, the entire chain of each step will be digitally transmitted into the background computer.

3.RFID tag warehouse management system objectives

The use of radio frequency identification technology to achieve real-time information warehousing management application can achieve the following points.

1, RFID tags to save inventory, understand the real-time status of goods to avoid the phenomenon of goods stagnation.

2, RFID tags to save labor, intelligent inventory, mobile handheld terminals can read hundreds of tags per second information, to achieve efficient operations.

3、Transparent RFID tag information management, each step of the process can be traced.

4, RFID tags within the deadline to complete the delivery of goods operations to enhance customer satisfaction.

5, RFID tags unit small warehouse can choose self-adhesive tags, container sites anti-metal tags, tag performance is complete to meet the actual use of different scenarios.

6, RFID tags support the generation of various types of reports, data can be shared by multiple ports.



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