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What Are the Advantages of Enterprises Applying RFID Tags?

1. Introduction of RFID tags

Electronic tag is RFID tag, which is the common name of RFID. RFID is an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification. The organic combination of RFID tag technology and Internet technology is one of the most revolutionary growth points in the global IT industry. The coding method, storage and reading and writing methods of electronic tags are different from traditional tags (such as barcodes) or manual tags. The storage of electronic tag codes is stored in a read-only or readable and writable format on an integrated circuit; especially the reading and writing methods. Electronic tags are realized by wireless electronic transmission.

The outstanding technical characteristics of RFID tags are: it can identify a single very specific object, unlike barcodes that can only identify one type of object; multiple objects can be read at the same time, while barcodes can only be read one by one; The stored information is very large; using radio frequency, the data can be read through the external material, and the barcode must read the information on the surface of the material medium by laser or infrared.

2. The advantages of enterprise application of RFID tags

Compared with traditional barcode technology, RFID tags can save more time, manpower and material resources, reduce production costs and improve work efficiency. Therefore, more and more enterprises are considered to be the replacement of barcode technology. So what are the advantages of using RFID tags for enterprises?

When enterprises are manufacturing, they can use RFID tags to prevent counterfeiting. The advantages of enterprise application of RFID tags are embodied in the following points:

1. After the enterprise uses RFID tags for anti-counterfeiting, it can protect the product brand, which is convenient for customers to conduct anti-counterfeiting inquiry of the product, and also allows the enterprise to trace and manage its own products, which is more efficient and convenient. At the same time, the anti-counterfeiting technology of RFID tags is high, which can reduce the phenomenon of counterfeiting and is more conducive to protecting the rights and interests of customers.

2. RFID tag technology can record a large amount of product information, not only has the function of product anti-counterfeiting, but also has the function of tracking and traceability, so that enterprises can track the flow and situation of products in real time through networking, which is conducive to enterprises to strengthen the prevention and timely processing of uncontrollable factors, reducing losses in these areas of the business.

3. The application of RFID tag anti-counterfeiting technology by enterprises is conducive to promoting the upgrading of enterprise production automation as a whole, intelligentizing the production process, improving production efficiency, and reducing production costs, thereby promoting the development of the overall enterprise.



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