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Why use a handheld scanner for inventory management?

I. Handheld scanners are easy to use and save time

Ease of use: Traditional scanners are usually fixed in close proximity to the inventory management system. This makes it difficult for staff to scan and record items that are less mobile. Using a handheld scanner can solve this inconvenience. Due to its mobility, it is easy to get close to the item and scan the barcode to record the item's track. It also helps users to scan barcodes pasted in tight locations that are out of reach of fixed scanners. Wireless handheld scanners are mobile devices and therefore offer more freedom to the user. Thanks to its portable nature, you can also take the handheld scanner to the desired location.

Time saving: handheld scanners scan at a higher speed than conventional scanners. This means that you can scan and record more items seamlessly with a handheld scanner. This helps businesses load items directly to their final location, rather than loading them near an inventory management system to track movement. It takes less time to scan items with a handheld scanner and data can be transferred instantly to a connected electronic device, such as a desktop, laptop or smartphone.

II. Durability of handheld scanners, power saving

Power saving: Handheld scanners for inventory management use batteries to power their work. These devices do not need to be plugged in all the time, thus saving on electricity costs. It also avoids unexpected power outages caused by adverse weather conditions.

Better durability: Compared to stationary scanners, handheld scanners are durable due to their use, including moving with the device. They can also withstand drops from hard surfaces and harsh usage conditions. This makes handheld scanners more durable.

III. Handheld scanners are cost effective and track items efficiently

Cost-effective: using handheld scanners for inventory management can save companies a lot of time. This reduces working hours to a large extent and thus reduces labour costs. Even if the initial investment in such scanners is high, the return on this investment is high in due course.

Efficient tracking of items: The use of handheld scanners reduces the error rate in inventory calculations. Monitoring the inventory of items at all stages of the transaction reduces to a large extent the loss of items due to misplacement or theft. This finds a solution to the significant losses suffered by businesses.

You can connect handheld scanners to smartphones and tablets. This reduces the need for high-end machines as inventory management systems and thus reduces the investment costs for your business.



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