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How to Use RFID Labels Technology in Retail Environment?

RFID technology provides a way for many businesses to enhance security, improve efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction, but do you know the benefits of RFID in the retail industry?

RFID labels are used for security tagging

Another area to consider is the protection of company assets and stocks. Some may argue that RFID security tags are an unnecessary expense, but when compared to the amount of inventory stolen each year, security tags pay for themselves! They are incredibly simple and reliable, so there is no need to worry about tagged items being taken out of the store without triggering an alarm at the security barrier. Since security tags have multiple designs, thieves cannot easily disable or remove them without damaging the items they are attached to, but staff can still easily remove or disable them using professional equipment.

RFID labels are used for employee ID and access control

RFID labels are a powerful tool to prevent unauthorized access to certain areas within your premises. You can issue RFID cards to your employees, and then program these cards to work with the door locks and card readers inside your building. These can be programmed to allow users to only access areas they are allowed to enter. In addition, these cards can be used for various purposes, such as attendance, login, and cashless vending. Apart from the many benefits that the RFID card itself provides, you can also print detailed employee information on the surface, making it easy for you and your customers to identify employees.

RFID labels are used for inventory and stock tracking

With the introduction of RFID labels, inventory has become easier than ever! By adding RFID labels to product packaging or in-store product labels, you can change how inventory is done. When goods arrive at your store, RFID labels with unique identifiers can be added to your products, and staff only need to tap the item with RFID hand held readers to record it in your inventory, which can then be used to identify it when it comes to inventory. After the staff completes the inventory, they only need to tap every item in the store with portable RFID hand held readers, and the product will be identified based on inventory. This allows you to easily identify missing items, as any unscanned inventory can be highlighted in the report.

RFID labels bring some huge benefits to your retail company and your customers! This is a great way to increase additional security levels, track inventory, ensure employee and site safety, and reward customers. If you are considering implementing a technology, using RFID has unlimited possibilities.



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