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Invengo RAIN Antenna XC-AF812-A/B

Invengo RAIN antenna XC-AF812-A/B

Invengo XC-AF812-A and XC-AF812-B antennas are two circular-polarized antennas specially designed for general UHF-RFID applications. They adopt innovative structures and new designs. The two RAIN antennas feature high gain, low VSWR(Voltage Standing wave ratio), ruggedness and flexible installation.

The antenna gain is greater than 7.15dbI and VSWR is equal to or less than 1.3:1. The antennas are designed for strong field energy and equal distribution. They have an excellent performance on multi-tag reading and high efficiency in reading and writing tag data. The circular polarization design on the antennas allows tag identification in an omnidirectional direction.

The antennas cover a wide range of frequency bands from 902MHz ~ 928MHz, which is legal to use in the national standard frequency band or FCC frequency band.

The antenna dimension is 258x258x27mm and the weight is 0.7kg. It is exquisite in craft, light on weight and portable in size. It can be installed with a bracket or simply through the attached gum on the backside.

These two antennas can be widely used in access control management, digital storage management, asset management, logistics, commercial retail, etc.



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