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Invengo Empowered Zha Lantun Vocational College A Smart Library


The library in Zha Lantun Vocational College is a modern one, upgraded from a traditional library through the efforts with Invengo. Readers can complete tasks such as borrowing, returning and inquiries by themselves with Invengo’s system and equipment. They don’t need manual services throughout the whole process. The equipment can quickly respond to the needs and service readers at all time. This can save manpower and also improve the circulation efficiency of books on campus.

Zha Lantun Vocational College is located in Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which is known as "China's most beautiful grassland" and "China's best ethnic charm city".The college is a public full-time regular higher vocational college, approved to set up by the government .Zha Lantun Vocational College holds the purpose of higher vocational education and cross-integrated professional system. It aims education science and medical nursing as the pillar majors, and agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry as the characteristic majors. Morevoer, economic management, information engineering, and automotive engineering are cultivated as the key majors. The campus creates a comfortable information-based learning and living environment. 

The library is a landmark building of Zha Lantun Vocational College, with a single 5-story building area of over 20,000 square meters. Currently it has a big volume of collection over 320,000 paper books and 300,000 electronic books.

Library adopts Invengo self-service borrowing and returning systems, automatic book sorting systems and 3D navigation systems. These enable to create personalized learning and reading plan.

Digitalization and intelligentization are the greatest features of this new modern library. Walking in the hall, the smart displayers on the wall show collections data in a visual way to all readers. This gives a special and technological impression at the beginning.

The reading block provides 3D navigation and positioning services based on intelligent bookshelves and book retrieval and positioning machine. These make readers easily to find target books.


The library adopts Invengo’s self-service borrowing and returning machine and non-sensing channel, which will improve the books circulation efficiency into a higer level.When people leaving the library, non-sensing channel will automatically and quickly finish the borrow procedure by recognizing reader's ID. Additionally, the library also prepares book sterilizers for reader to deepply clean the books when leaving


Invengo helps to break the stereotype of a traditional library. By providing such modern facilities as waterfall reading machines, reading pavilion and acoustic telephone booths for the library, it  builds a unique and immersive platform for students to show their talents.


Invengo automatic sorting system and mobile inventory machine have successfully solved the issue of high-maintenance  work in the library. This programme are highly praised and appreciated by staffs.

With Invengo intelligent equipment, the library of Zha Lantun Vocational College has upgraded from a traditional library in terms of informationalization. It makes readers and staffs have a convenient and accurate reading and working experience.


Invengo – The global leading RFID solution provider in libraries. The overall solution is based on RFID identification technology and designed in multiple dimensions to provide one-stop assistance for the construction of smart libraries.



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