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Invengo Aid Education, We Are Always Here

SINGAPORE, 25 October 2019 –Aid Education, We Are Always Here.

Recently, Mrs. Guangzhu Chen, the chairman of Invengo, once again embarked on the road of offering aid education for Luoguang Primary School in Baiyi Town, Wudang County, Guizhou Province, with his companions, bringing spiritual encouragement to the children there, and sending them nutritious products and learning supplies to make the children feel warm with enthusiasm and love.

Invengo Aid Education, We Are Always Here

Luoguang Primary School in Baiyi Town is located in a remote area, with weak faculty. At present, there are only one teacher in charge and two temporary substitute teachers. With a serious shortage of professional teachers, it is unable to carry out diversified teaching. After understanding the actual situation, the Party branch of Invengo sent people to the scene to help teach many times.

On the basis of the original Chinese and mathematics courses, English, Geography, Art, and Handicrafts, etc. were added. Through experience and teaching with fun, the children warmly welcomed the new way of teaching that can guide them to think and express themselves. After class, volunteers played with children and taught them handwork to cultivate their interests and hobbies.

Invengo has carried out targeted poverty alleviation and aid teaching activities for Luoguang Primary School in Baiyi Town for two years. Chairman Guangzhou Chen said that Invengo, as an enterprise with love and a strong sense of social responsibility, has long integrated the philosophy of ''serving the society and repaying the society'' into the company's practice.

With the continuous development of the business, the company pays more attention to public welfare undertakings, actively undertakes social responsibility and contributes our enthusiasm, love and strength, and conducts more practical things to repay the society. We sincerely hope that with the help of everyone, more children can learn to increase their knowledge, change their fate, go out of the mountains, and repay and build their hometown with knowledge.



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