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What Is a Handheld Reader?

RFID card readers are the core of RFID systems. They are instruments that communicate with RFID tags by sending and receiving radio waves. They can manually identify target objects for item tracking and data exchange. RFID card readers are usually divided into two different categories: fixed RFID card readers and RFID handheld readers.

Understanding fixed RFID card reader

Fixed RFID card readers generally use 1 to 4 antenna ports, and the number of antennas depends on the coverage range required for the RFID application. Some applications, such as file input and output, only require a smaller coverage range, so one antenna can complete the job better. Other applications with larger coverage areas generally require multiple antennas to establish the necessary coverage range.

Fixed RFID card readers only need to be fixed in one place and maintain power to collect data significantly. Therefore, if you want to collect how many goods are stored in a day but do not want to scan automatically every time you purchase, using a fixed RFID card reader is an excellent way to automate the process. Fixed RFID card readers usually have larger reading ranges than handhelds and can monitor larger areas at one time.

Understanding RFID handheld reader

RFID handheld readers can also communicate with hosts or smart instruments when reading RFID tags. Because RFID handheld readers are lightweight and powered, they can be carried around wherever they go. Compared to fixed readers, handheld readers don't require installation, and only need to turn on the device to load RFID tags. In addition, the initial investment cost is low, application scenarios are more diverse, and collection functions are more versatile.

How to choose an RFID card reader?

Consider the reading range as it can vary greatly. Consider that the device must be used under special environmental conditions, such as overheating, cooling, humidity, and easy collision. Consider the convenience of operation when choosing between fixed RFID card readers and RFID handheld readers. Consider how many times the tags need to be read at once. Consider the speed at which tags move in the reading area, such as a slow or fast moving conveyor belt. RFID technology is applied to many industries, such as inventory management, asset tracking, personnel tracking, access control, supply chain management, and anti-counterfeiting.



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