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Invengo Assists Well-known Apparel Brand to Empower Smart Logistics and Warehousing

Invengo Assists Well-known Apparel Brand to Empower Smart Logistics and Warehousing

A well-known fashion apparel brand in Ningbo China is a retail-oriented multi-brand fashion apparel company. In order to confirm the company's positioning of fast fashion and seize market opportunities with fast moves, efficient logistics and warehousing has become an indispensable supporting ability.

UHF RFID technology is able to work in varieties of harsh working environments. The characteristics of this technology make goods can be identified in moving and in batches without stop and unpacking. The brand has fully aware of the advantages of RFID technology in the management of supply chain and warehousing, and choose to cooperate with Invengo on the project of RFID warehousing.

Invengo's RFID smart logistics and warehousing solution can realize accurate and fast sorting and packing. Lead time can be greatly shortened and operation costs of the supply chain can be saved in a large term. Invengo solution will improve the entire management level of the supply chain and warehousing.

Each piece of goods is pasted on an RFID tag. Applying tunnel mode, the tunnel will identify and read each goods information from the RFID tags through the whole convey belt. The acquired information on the goods will be uploaded to the warehousing system in real-time. The system will record goods data and make a comparison with the number of receivable goods and received goods. Finally realize batch scanning, real-time uploading, comparison and sorting disposal of the goods information in packing boxes.

Invengo RFID Tunnel has an outstanding performance of detection and identification efficiency. The passing time of a single box of products is about 5 seconds, and it allows about 300 boxes of goods to the warehouse in one hour. Invengo Tunnel has professional motion control and mechanical design technology. It can totally solve the problems of misreading and string-reading in the circulation of goods in the supply chain.

The integrated reader has excellent UHF reading and writing performance, and can be directly placed on the desktop to work. The reader can be used on label query, goods receiving, goods review, quality inspection, etc. The receiving box is placed on the reader, and the reader collects the item-level product information in the receiving box. The staff can compare and verify the data with the product information in the whitelist, and they will unpack the box and finish reviewing the work of abnormal receiving boxes and the last box.

The portable reader has strong capabilities for multi-tag reading and writing in a long distance. The staff can easily hold the reader to scan goods around. The reader will read tags with high reading speed and will collect data of the quality inspection box in batch. They can verify the data consistency of quality inspection boxes before and after the inspection process, and complete the return business of quality inspection boxes.

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