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Invengo Smart Library Lights Up Reading Environment on School Campus of Xinsha Primary School

Invengo Smart Library Lights Up Reading Environment on School Campus of Xinsha Primary School

Xinsha Primary School is a full-time six-year public primary school with a century of cultural heritage. The school library collections involve 41,600 books, 70,000 e-books, and 133 types of newspapers and magazines.

In order to comprehensively improve the quality of the school library service and help to build a better reading environment on campus, Xinsha Primary School introduced the Invengo smart library solution to upgrade the library infrastructure and realize self-service services in the library. Finally, they build a solid foundation for the construction of an intelligent campus through this upgrading.

The Invengo solution for the modern library of Xinsha Primary School includes software and hardware. The intelligent library has complete and integrated services of self-service borrowing and returning, searching, data statistics and registration. It becomes an open self-service reading room.

Each library book has been inserted with RFID tags and the self-loan stations have been installed. Once verifying identity information, teachers and students can finish multiple book borrowing processes at one time. Not only will the new equipment save a lot of work for teachers, but also let students read conveniently. The reading activities on campus will benefit from those efforts.

The OPAC query machine can update book information synchronously with the library system. Readers can easily search the status of books when they want to find books by themselves. This machine and system will save much waiting and searching time for readers and accelerate the circulation of books on campus.

The spring-loaded sorter bin has a base that lowers when it becomes full and raises as items are taken out of the bin to reduce the amount of bending and lifting that needs to be performed by library staff.

The librarian workstation is capable of reading both barcode and RFID tags, which can improve the efficiency of book registration, loan and return.

The RFID security gate is installed at the entrance of the library to monitor and detect illegal and legal books in and out. The equipment has a high identification accuracy which can build a safer environment for collections management.



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