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Invengo Case Study: Intelligent Upgrade of Inverell Shire Public Library: Community-wide Covering, Full-time Serving and Public Sharing

Invengo Case Study: Intelligent Upgrade of Inverell Shire Public Library: Community-wide Covering, Full-time Serving and Public Sharing

Inverell Shire Public Library is the third longest-history public library in New South Wales, Australia, and has served the community for 81 years. There are approximately 55,000 collections available to the public, it's more than a platform for spiritual and cultural exchanges among the residents of Inverell County.

Standardized and smooth management of booking borrowing and return is the management goal of the Inverell Shire Public Library. The inconvenient using experience of the old system deeply obsessed the administrators.

In order to improve the book borrowing and return system, the service level and efficiency, Inverell Shire Public Library applied a smart library management solution provided by FE Technology(the wholly-owned subsidiary of Invengo).

Currently, the library installed Secure External Return Chutes from outside of the library and connected with the internal Smartbin inside the library. By installing V5 Self Loan Station in the library, and providing a digital borrowing service through the Patron Mobile App,  readers are able to process book borrowing and returning in a convenient and fast way. Through Circulation Assistant, readers can check in or check out up to 5 books at the same time.

Besides, by using the new devices of  Live Scanning Wand, sorting information data of returned books will be automatically updated when library staff scans the bookshelves. Librarians Rover mobile application allows library staff to check in or out items from anywhere without being chained to a desk. Realizing movable digitalization of book management, tags conversion and RFID devices management. Labors of librarians can be released and readers can get better services.

Considering the matters of security, RFID Designer Clear Security Gates have been installed at the entrance and exit. The alarm lights and beeps will instantly turn on when the gates identify illegal tags.

Through the updating of the solution, a better reading experience attracts more new readers, and increases the use rate of self-service borrowing and return services from 25% to 99%.

Smart library management equipment and system reduce large workloads and save labor costs for the library. Library staff save time on book inventory, sorting and device management and provide more value-added services to readers.

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