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Invengo Helps Community to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse

The problem of child sexual abuse has been a concern for many years in the world. In China, some parents have to leave their hometown to work. Children need to live with their grandparents who generally have a weak awareness of sexual safety and old sexual concepts in the rural areas. Therefore, weak education on sexual safety and negligence of care make children at a high risk of sexual abuse.

Besides condemnations, the key action is what can we do to better protect children from sexual abuse.

Invengo Helps Community to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse

Recently, child sexual abuse showed an increasing trend and sexual education is lagging back. Therefore, a Shenzhen community(Shenzhen Spring Breeze Stress Intervention Service Center) launched an event named ''Protect Sexual Safety of Rural Children''. They published and donated picture books on sexual safety to country schools and left-behind children, in order to educate children to have a correct sexual concepts and self-protect awareness. (Picture book: ''When I'm Home Alone'', ''It's Not Your Fault'')

On October 26, 2020, Mr. Yusuo Xu(the actual controller of Shenzhen Invengo Information Technology Co., Ltd.) donated 100,000 yuan to the Shenzhen community service center for the ''Protect Sexual Safety of Rural Children'' charity event. Moreover, on April 16, 2021, Mr. Yusuo Xu respectively donated 50 sets of ''Spring Breeze Picture Books'' to the Dongfang Community Workstation and the Baishizhou East Community Workstation. Invengo works with the local community to help children improve their correct sexual concepts and self-protect awareness.

Loving our children and popularizing education on child sexual safety, Invengo becomes a defender of children from sexual abuse and helps left-behind children to grow in a happy, confident, and safe environment.

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