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Key benefits of using RFID in the warehouse

Rapid supply chain changes and a litany of operational challenges have led to an increasing demand for reliable, real-time data in warehouses. Fortunately, RFID technology has proven beneficial to facilities looking to make data collection more efficient, streamlined and accurate. RFID also offers inherent advantages over bar codes and manual data collection methods. RFID benefits in warehouses can Through the use of RFID technology, warehouses can execute workflows with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency. Through more efficient processes, facilities can increase throughput in addition to reducing operating costs.

I. RFID in the warehouse advantage: accurate inventory management

One of the RFID advantages in warehouses is that the average square footage of warehouses is increasing every year due to the increased demand for e-commerce and omnichannel approaches. As a result, it is becoming increasingly challenging to locate pallets, let alone individual product units. Use RFID to automatically collect data and provide vital information such as SKU numbers, locations and quantities directly to your WMS. when RFID tags are applied to pallets or products, fixed and handheld readers can collect this data and transmit it to your ERP or WMS, providing valuable information on inventory movement and location.

Depending on the complexity of your RFID location solution, you can also monitor items as they move through different areas of your warehouse or from one facility to another. In turn, this will create an accurate record of your inventory and eliminate the time spent trying to identify the location of pallets and SKUs.

II. RFID benefits in the warehouse: rapid workflow automation and error prevention

Many common warehouse tasks can be easily automated due to the speed and accuracy of reading RFID tags. By implementing RFID in the warehouse, RFID in the warehouse benefits companies by reducing the time spent on tasks such as inventory receiving, shipping, cycle counting, stocking shelves, managing returns and many other workflows. RFID automation frees up labour and time for other areas of your operation and reduces human errors caused by manual warehouse tasks.

As the warehouse becomes less reliant on unpredictable labour supply, it provides the opportunity for operations to become leaner and more efficient. In addition, an effective RFID system alerts users when human errors occur, such as placing stock in the wrong location, loading the wrong items onto pallets and sending incorrect shipments to customers. In turn the benefits of RFID in the warehouse, RFID can be used as a quality assurance measure in the warehouse, creating a more efficient and streamlined operation while reducing costly errors from manual processes.



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