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Invengo on the 14th IOTE International Exhibition

SINGAPORE, 30 July 2020 – Invengo on the 14th IOTE International Exhibition

From July 29th to July 31st, 2020, the 14th IOTE International Exhibition was held in Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this year's IOTE International was that ''digital, intelligence and new infrastructure are all interconnected'', which attracted many professional audiences from the IoT industry.

Invengo on the 14th IOTE International Exhibition

The organizers of the conference presented four IoT Star Awards for Invengo: the Most Influential Innovative Product — Electronic Label Award, the Most Influential Innovative Product— Fixed Reader Award, and the Most Influential System Integration Enterprise Award, and the Industry's Most Influential Successful Application Award.

Invengo mainly exhibited three solutions, namely, ''Smart Library'', ''Smart Retail'' and ''Asset Management'', in this exhibition.

In the Smart Library solution, Invengo has displayed invisible access control, dual-channel access control, book borrowing and returning machine, card issuing machine and special book labels. Invengo book solution has greatly improved the efficiency of digital management of books and libraries and enriched the borrowing experience of readers.

In the smart retail solution, Invengo has displayed the fitting pads and clothing labels for different series on the site. Invengo intelligent retail solution provides fashion retailers with an item level and one-stop solution. With the ''people, goods, stores'' operation management and the whole process of RFID supply chain, it solves the problems of customers in intelligent manufacturing, supply chain and sales promotion.

In the asset management solution, Invengo has demonstrated the RFID mobile intelligent toolbox, fixed reader, portable reader, access control and electronic tag on the site.

Invengo also displayed a series of universal RFID products, such as a reader, module, tag and antenna.

In the exhibition, Invengo has brought along five new products:

1. RFID mobile intelligent toolbox

PRESS RELEASE Invengo on the 14th IOTE International Exhibition

This is a smart tool management box independently developed by Invengo, which combines RFID technology and realizes scientific and automatic management of tools through tool management software. It can realize personnel authority management, open authorization, accomplish tool collection and return, real-time tool inventory checking and positioning, and tool verification, greatly improving the accuracy and efficiency of tool management, and reducing the potential risk caused by tool omission.

It is mainly used in aircraft maintenance tool management, railway maintenance tool management, automobile, high-speed rail, ships and other large-scale equipment manufacturing tools and instruments management, prison workplace tools and instruments management.

2. Three RFID reading and writing modules

PRESS RELEASE Invengo on the 14th IOTE International Exhibition

Invengo has brought three new ultra-high frequency (UHF) read-write modules, namely, single-channel, dual-channel and eight-channel UHF RFID read-write modules. The read-write module has the advantages of small size, easy integration and high-cost performance.

It is mainly used in finance, commodity anti-counterfeiting, asset management, manufacturing and supply chain management, logistics distribution, commercial retail and other fields.

3. Ultra thin antenna

PRESS RELEASE Invengo on the 14th IOTE International Exhibition

Invengo has also brought a new ultra-thin antenna (UHF) with a thickness of only 8.3mm. The antenna can freely adjust the input power and realize the switching between remote reading and near-field reading.

It is mainly used in retail cash registers, warehouse management, intelligent library and other scenarios.



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