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RFID Labels Technology in the Transportation Industry: What Are Its Uses?

Due to its ability to support a wide range of applications, RFID technology has had a huge impact in the transportation industry. Why is RFID so widely used in this field, and how can you fully take advantage of it?

What is RFID labels technology?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that can safely transfer data at extremely fast speeds. It also doesn't require line-of-sight like a barcode, which means it's more user-friendly and can be used in a variety of settings. Data related to objects is stored on RFID labels that can be added to items. The tags carry this data in a small yet powerful chip and operate on various radio frequencies. RFID readers are used in conjunction with the chips to securely transfer data, allowing for safe information communication throughout an entire enterprise! Businesses all around the world use this technology, and so do transportation departments.

RFID labels technology in transportation

One common reason businesses use RFID is to automate labor-intensive tasks, therefore saving them money on wages and personnel allocation, as well as streamlining all of their practices.

Automatic ticketing in public transport: This clever use of RFID not only greatly speeds up the transport company's own ticketing process, but also benefits their consumers. With RFID technology not needing line-of-sight, it's extremely versatile and very fast to use. This helps cut down waiting times and human error, thus maximizing customer satisfaction!

RFID labels on vehicles: This method is usually used to track when vehicles return to a station and accurately record the availability of any given vehicle at any given time! Other applications include vehicle identification upon arrival at a station. Both of these uses of RFID greatly help speed up business flow and planning, thus promoting the overall success of the entire transport company.

Equipment rentals: If your business offers equipment rental services to clients, equipping assets with RFID labels can help reduce the likelihood of loss and theft. Putting tags on equipment and letting them self-scan throughout their journey will help give you complete control over matters such as location and usage time.

Shipping control tracking: Perhaps one of the most common uses of RFID technology is to track shipping containers during transport. A container can be scanned at a port and then scanned again when it reaches its correct destination, providing real-time information on the container's location throughout its journey. This allows you to have better control and a more detailed understanding of your assets.



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