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Invengo Enhancing the Soft Power of Campus Culture in Weihai Secondary Vocational School

Invengo Enhancing the Soft Power of Campus Culture in Weihai Secondary Vocational School

Weihai Secondary Vocational School is a model school of educational reform and development and is also the secondary vocational model school in Shandong province. The school library has more than 100,000 collections, including philosophy, culture, science, sports, art and reference books, etc., which can satisfy reading demands for all the campus.

In order to build a better modern library reading environment and to improve the service to all readers, Weihai Secondary Vocational School introduced Invengo's smart library solution. And it makes the school library became an important place to raise campus cultural construction.

More than 100,000 collections have been equipped with Invengo's tags. Invengo's RFID tags are small and thin, which have a good indivisibility, and they can be directly pasted on the spine of the book or clipped between the gaps in a book.

Self-loan stations, which can provide self-services of book borrowing and return, renewing, searching, etc., have been installed inside the library. All readers can borrow and return multiple books at the same time and can search for book information on the touch screen.

RFID Designer Clear Security Gates have been installed at the entrance and exit. The alarm light and beep will instantly turn on once the gates identified illegal tags. Besides, the designed patterns on the gates come from plum blossoms, and they match the aesthetics and cultural atmosphere of the overall environment in the library. Not only increased the aesthetic values but also increase the cultural values.

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