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Invengo Launches State-of-the-art XC-RF868 RAIN RFID IoT Reader at RFID Journal Live!


Singapore, 3 May 2016 – Invengo Technology is proud to announce the launch of its new state-of-the-art XC-RF868 RAIN IoT RFID Reader at the 14th annual RFID Journal LIVE! event in Orlando, Florida, on May 3-5.

Invengo's XC-RF868 (the first member of our new Kangxi product line) is an industry-leading, high-powered RAIN RFID IoT-enabled computing device, richly featured to provide a state-of-the-art solution in enterprise-level applications. The first RAIN rfid scanners for sale utilizing Windows 10 IoT, Quad-Core Processor and HDMI video, coupled with blazing read speed, unique antenna connectivity and optional plug-and-play expansion capabilities, the XC-RF868 offers unprecedented performance to address industry-wide solutions including Retail, Manufacturing and Healthcare. The Invengo XC-RF868 is not simply at the head of its class – it is in a class by itself!

The XC-RF868 is the first in the Kangxi family of devices, named after one of the great emperors in Chinese history, and it ushers in a change that spans all markets. The Kangxi Emperor's reign brought about long-term stability and relative wealth after years of war and chaos. This is what Invengo hopes to achieve – on a more modest scale – in the RAIN RFID market.

''The release of the XC-RF868 is a giant step forward for the RFID market'', notes Scott Medford, CSO of Invengo. ''One of the major inhibitors to growth has been a basic issue – how do we integrate RFID into the enterprise? We took a long look at this and we took Einstein's advice to heart. Instead of doing the same thing over and over again with no change in results; we decided to CHANGE THE WAY WE CONNECT, both at the interface and physical levels. First, we transformed the entire concept away from ''another reader'' to a PC-class computer that just happened to have RFID capability on board. Using quad-core processors and Win10 OS opens up a category of development and ease of support concept to the broader industry. We flipped the equation so that customers don't have to learn our complex reader protocol – we implemented theirs! And while we were at it, we created a world-class RFID computing device that exceeds the performance of any other product in the market with added connectivity and scalability features. Speaking of connectivity, we even changed the connectors themselves, moving to an adjacent industry standard with small, flexible cable and click-on connectors, making it easier to install in those hard-to-reach places and eliminating a common failure point at the connector point itself.''

At the RFID Journal LIVE! Invengo will, next to their complete product line of RAIN RFID tags & inlays, readers, antenna and handheld devices, also be highlighting two other products: the XC-RF812 (a small commercial RAIN RFID reader) and the full international release of the XC-1003 (a RAIN RFID mobile device).

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand (#522) at the RFID Journal LIVE! in Orlando.


Invengo – the global RFID technology provider – is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-quality, intelligent RAIN RFID (UHF), HF and NFC inlays, tags and connectivity solutions utilized in the Internet of Things (IoT). With a focus on RFID innovation, Invengo has created a leading product line in retail, library, pharmaceutical, healthcare, (public) transportation and many other industries. With over 20 years of experience in RFID, Invengo is fully dedicated to enabling efficiency in applications such as ticketing, identity management, supply chain management, authentication, asset management and brand equity.

Invengo Technology Pte. Ltd, located in Singapore (with subsidiaries in the US and Europe), as one of the professional rfid service providers, is the international headquarters of Invengo Information Technology Co. Ltd, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE: 002161.SZ). Employing over 600 people worldwide, Invengo is one of the largest publicly traded, RFID-oriented companies in the world, with design and manufacturing plants located in both the United States and China and sales offices spanning all major geographies.



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