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The Function and Purchase of RFID Card Reader

When the RFID card reader is in use, it can not only read data, but also erase and write data. With the development of RFID technology, RFID card readers can be seen in all walks of life. RFID card readers are mainly used in cargo identification, data collection, etc., and have the characteristics of accuracy, speed, expansion, and strong compatibility.

Ⅰ. What are the functions of RFID card readers?

1. Realize batch identification of RFID electronic tags: The RFID card reader can correctly identify multiple RFID electronic tags within its working range.

2. Realize moving target recognition: RFID card readers can not only identify stationary objects, but also moving objects.

3. Realize error message prompts: For some errors generated in the identification process, the RFID card reader can issue some prompts.

4. For RFID electronic tags, the RFID card reader can read the battery information of the active RFID electronic tags: such as the total power of the battery, the remaining power, etc.

5. Realize and communicate with: It is common to read RFID electronic tags. This function requires a reliable software algorithm to ensure confidentiality and reliability. In addition to reading, sometimes it is necessary to write RFID electronic tags, so that RFID electronic tags can be mass-produced, and users can write RFID electronic tags according to their own needs.

6. Powering RFID tags: In the case of passive or semi-passive RFID tags, RFID readers are required to provide signals to excite RFID tags around the field; The size of the antenna and the output power of the reader are determined. The size of the antenna is mainly considered according to the application requirements, and the output power has different regulations in different countries and regions.

7. Realize the communication with the computer network: The RFID card reader can use some interfaces to realize the communication with the computer, and can provide some necessary information to the computer.

Ⅱ. The purchase method of RFID card reader

Know what frequency readers are suitable for your products: RFID readers with different frequencies have different effects, different suitable places, and different uses. Low-frequency reader: strong penetration of non-metallic objects, suitable for objects with high water content, such as fruits. Ultra-high frequency reader: fast data transmission, relatively energy consumption, weak penetration, suitable for items transported from seaports to warehouses. When choosing a reader, you can ask the merchant. For example, many merchants now provide a line of products, including electronic tags, antennas, readers, and product knowledge.



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