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What Are the Advantages of RFID Card Readers?

Understanding RFID card reader

RFID card reader is a flexible application technology that is easy to operate, practical, and specially suitable for automation control. It can identify without manual intervention and support both read-only and read-write mode. It can work in various harsh environments where short-distance radio frequency products are not afraid of oil stains, dust pollution, and can replace barcodes, for example, tracking objects on the factory assembly line. Long-range radio frequency products are mostly used in transportation, and recognition distance can reach tens of meters, such as automatic toll collection or vehicle identification.

As an indispensable part of the application system, choosing the correct RFID card reader will affect the smooth implementation and cost of the customer's project. Its unique advantages are unmatched by other identification technologies. What are the advantages of RFID card reader?

Advantages of RFID card reader

  • Convenient and fast reading: Data can be read without a light source and even through the packaging. The effective recognition distance is larger, and the effective recognition distance can reach more than 30 meters;

  • Fast recognition speed: When the terminal enters the magnetic field, the RFID card reader can read the information instantly and can process multiple terminals simultaneously to achieve batch recognition;

  • Large data capacity: The largest data capacity of the two-dimensional barcode can store only 2,725 digits at most, and the storage capacity will be less if it contains letters. The data capacity of the RFID terminal can be expanded to tens of K according to user needs;

  • Long service life and wide application range: Its radio communication method allows it to work in highly polluted environments such as dust and oil stains and radioactive environments without personnel needing to be there. The closed packaging of the terminal greatly exceeds the life of printed barcodes;

  • Dynamic change of tag data: Using the programmer, data can be written to give the RFID label interactive portable data file function, and the write time is shorter than printing barcodes;

  • Better security: It can be embedded or attached to products of different shapes and types, and password protection can be set for the reading and writing of terminal data, thereby having higher security;

  • Dynamic real-time communication: The terminal communicates with the reader at a frequency of 50 to 100 times per second, so as long as the object attached to the RFID terminal appears within the reader's effective recognition range, its position can be dynamically tracked and monitored.



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